We are Magnus, Lars and Sergey, three freaks from Norway and Russia. Together we are NIEDRA, a band making heavy, somewhat strange and largely unpredictable music. In February 2015 in the relatively small Russian town Tver, Sergey had a desperate need to make new music. A friend named Slava, who Sergey met via local DIY/punk rock circles long time ago and who proved to be the best rock drummer in town got onboard and in a few months the duo cooked up some songs that later became the demo called Dirty River.

That thing was recorded in June and mixed in July. Despite the sound quality being not exactly top notch, Dirty River showcases a few things that became cornerstones in band’s philosophy: the idea of making music intense and heavy while also versatile and dynamic. Consistently not being afraid of all things weird, challenging and unconventional and the will to have room for different kinds of ideas. Transcending the genre box while not fetishizing otherness. Being energetic and hard working.
We’re always tracking most of the things live, not only to have the recording sound organic and real, but also because the interaction between band members is an essential element for the whole thing to work.

By the time the first demo was done, it became pretty clear that that the music would benefit a lot from having a bass player, and Sergey couldn’t think of anyone else for that role than his norwegian friend Lars Toverud.
The two first met a couple of years before that when Lars toured in Russia with his long standing relentless heavy drum and bass duo La Casa Fantom. Besides La Casa, he could be seen playing drums in Hombre Malo and bass in Kvae. He is also known for his company Iskrem Electro where he makes radical custom pedals, earth shaking amplifiers and other gear together with repairing and modifying all kinds of cool equipment.

Then it was clear that this project needed to become a real band, but Slava, who played on Dirty River didn’t have enough time to be in more bands, to tour, etc., so we needed a drummer.
Once again there was only one person who could fit that band, and luckily he said yes.
His name is Magnus Nymo and there’s a ton of acts you could see and hear him play with, from noise-rock mammoths like Arabrot and Hombre Malo to melodic hardcore in FORK and from heavy bass/drums/vocals bulldozer REGN to folk punks Blackbird Raum, Lyngfarer and many others.

The line-up was now complete, and being reinforced with the unique vision, skill and style of Lars and Magnus, the trio quickly started to work on new material. A very unforgiving rehearsal regiment became a good standard to adhere to and self-improvement took precedence over accepting limitations. Thank you Zappa. Four new tracks for a new demo were recorded in December 2015. Around that time we also came up with a band name NIEDRA (which in russian means everything laying deep under the surface) and a name for our music – FOREST WAVE.

We played our first shows in April 2016, and in June we did our first tour in Germany and France, for which we made CDs and tapes with both demos.

In December 2016 we recorded all the material we wrote together to date for Niedra’s first record.
Proudly named FOREST WAVE OF HEAVY PUNK, it is set to come out in April 2017.

The album’s release will be followed by more tours shortly after. If you come to the show, bring your earplugs. We’re going to play seriously loud. Hope you will enjoy it.
See you on the road.